Pharmacy Technology

   Program Description

The Pharmacy Technician Certificate of Credit (TCC) is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and abilities to obtain entry-level employment in a variety of settings such as hospitals, retail pharmacies, managed care, industry and governmental agencies. Students will receive didactic instruction, laboratory training and experiential learning in medication management (order entry, preparation, storage and dispensing) patient safety/quality assurance and administrative management (inventory control and record management).

Program Mission

The Pharmacy Technology Program will provide educational opportunities that enable learners to obtain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the field of pharmacy.

Program Philosophy

Well-trained, skilled pharmacy technicians are integral members of the healthcare team. It is our goal to provide timely, relevant, student-centered education for students who will become lifelong learners.

Program Outcomes
  1. Display a professional attitude about the practice of pharmacy and the ability to problem-solve.
  2. Display acceptable communication skills during interactions with patients, coworkers and other health care professionals.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of pharmacy law (federal and state), practice standards and inventory/record management.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to safely, accurately and efficiently interpret and enter medication orders.
  5. Demonstrate safe medication handling, storage and dispensing.
  6. Demonstrate accuracy and timeliness in pharmaceutical calculations.

   Program Advisors

Clinical Laboratory Technology Instructor/Program Director Clinical Laboratory Technology
Work Georgia Work Phone: 770-533-7000 Ext: 6931
Categories: Academic Affairs, Clinical Laboratory Technology, Hall Campus, Pharmacy Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

The program can be completed in one semester.
The program consist of 3 sequential courses. Students must successfully complete each course in order to progress.
No, the pharmacy courses must be taken by all students seeking the certificate. Transfer credits may count toward other degrees or diploma programs offered by the college.
Courses will not be taught totally online. Students are required to attend face-to-face classes, labs and clinical externships.
Yes, however you may find it difficult if attempting to work a full time job during the 15 weeks.
Student may request a site but placements are limited to locations contracted with the college.
Students generally gain employment upon the completion of the program but are sometimes offered positions during their clinical rotation.
No, but are strongly encouraged to take the exam immediately following your program completion. Most organizations require their technicians to be certified.