Engineering Technology

   Program Description

The Engineering Technology Program is intended to provide the opportunity for students to explore a career in engineering at the professional level. Program graduates will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Technology, qualifying them as engineering technicians with a specialization in mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, or industrial engineering technology.

Engineering Technology is…

  • For individuals who want engineering related careers with a hands-on practical approach.
  • A blend of theory-based lecture and hands-on laboratory.
  • Topics in cutting-edge technology areas enabling graduates to meet the changing needs of industry.
  • Based on understanding the application of engineering principles rather than the mathematical derivations.
  • Activities ranging from the applied and practical to the highly theoretical and abstract.

Engineering Technology students…

  • Apply technology to the solutions of industrial problems.
  • Have considerable knowledge of materials and processes.
  • Know how to apply the principles of physical sciences.
  • Use instruments rather than tools.

   Program Advisors

Eng Tech, Mech Tech, Building Auto Sys, Instr and Program Chair Engineering Tech, Mechatronics Techn, Building Automation Sys
Work Georgia Work Phone: 770-533-7000 Ext: 4531
Categories: Academic Affairs, Engineering, Hall Campus, Mechatronics
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