Lanier Technical College Recognizes Distinguished Students for Fall 2019 Term

December 17, 2019

Gainesville, GA – Lanier Technical College recognized exceptional students achieving the honor of President’s List and Honor Roll for the Fall 2019 term.

Each semester, Lanier Technical College recognizes students who have accomplished high academic achievement through the President’s List. In order to qualify for the President’s List, students must meet two criteria: earn a grade of “A” in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College. Lanier Tech designated 178 students as meeting the academic achievements for inclusion in the President’s List.

President’s List designees for Fall Semester 2019 include:

Patrick Adams of Athens, Megan Allen of Cumming, Zachary Anderson of Maysville, Kaci Armstrong of Dahlonega, Madelyn Armstrong of Cumming, Raquel Arriola of Jonesboro, Lludy Barajas of Flowery Branch, Addison Barefoot of Talmo, Shana Barge of Loganville, Mckenna Barkley of Talmo, Caterine Barrera-Toro of Bethlehem, Whitney Barrilleaux of Lula, Kathryn Bascom of Cumming, Brooke Bedgood of Dacula, Savannah Bernhard of Cumming, Jennifer Betancourt of Gainesville, Marley Bijou of Clarkesville, Zachary Born of Clarkesville, Tiffany Bowen of Gainesville, Jazmin Bravo of Oakwood, Angela Brewer of Gainesville, Carrianne Britton of Gainesville, Jordan Budd of Mount Airy, Caitlyn Bulgin of Cleveland, Brittany Burton of Atlanta, Karen Cardiel of Gainesville, Caleigh Cianci of Gainesville, Benjamin Clark of Statham, Emily Cobbs of Oakwood, Mihaela Coman of Buford, Gilbert Comon of Gainesville, Jacob Corne of Bethlehem, Erica Couch of Dahlonega, Julie Crane of Rabun Gap, Priscilla Crumpler of Cumming, Jessica Cruz of Talmo, Cassidy Davis of Canton, Joshua Davis of Buford, Joshua Davis of Lawrenceville, William Dipasquale of Cumming, Tran Doan of Gainesville, Hali Eckles of Gainesville, Richard Edmondson of Dawsonville, Hannah Edwards of Cumming, Ashley Elzea of Auburn, Andrea Farmer of Buford, Nicole Fetta of Lawrenceville, Brianna Fulbright of Toccoa, Luis Galvan of Gainesville, Lisette Garcia of Gainesville, Deepali Garg of Cumming, Erin Garland-Castellanos of Nicholson, Vide Gboyou of Lawrenceville, Katelyn Gehring of Gainesville, Beth Gierok of Gainesville, Katie Glass of Gainesville, D’Yani Gorman of Bethlehem, Hannah Gray of Flowery Branch, Lewis Grindle of Flowery Branch, Lauren Grogan of Cumming, Joshua Hall of Cumming, Samantha Hammond of Cumming, Stacey Hammond of Statham, Melissa Hart of Cleveland, Yajaira Haygood of Cumming, Dustin Hendrix of Dahlonega, Keyona Hendrix of Dacula, Candice Hernandez of Dahlonega, Sara Hernandez of Cumming, Bradley Hobgood of Flowery Branch, Susan Irvine of Braselton, Alexis Jackson of Winder, Tracey Jewah of Flowery Branch, Yohana Jimenez-Alvarado of Gainesville, Joshua Johnston of Clermont, Sarah Keeney of Gainesville, Cala Kelly of Hoschton, Joseph Key of Buford, Allison Kimura of Dawsonville, Jacob Kopp of Dacula, Emily Lacy of Dawsonville, Michelle Lagambina of Dawsonville, Quoc Le of Duluth, Courtney Little of Duluth, Tara Long of Cumming, Susan Lovelace of Cumming, Betsy Lunsford of Cumming, Kimberly Mackie of Cumming, Ana Marceleno of Gainesville, Jennifer Marquez of Canton, Kayla Martinez of Gainesville, Mireyda Martinez of Gainesville, Bradley Marusarz of Buford, Robert Mccain of Winder, Keri Mccoy of Cornelia, Sara Mccrary of Dawsonville, Sarah Mcdonald of Hoschton, Reilly Mcdurmon of Acworth, David Mejia-Martinez of Gainesville, Kimberly Mendez-Ibarra of Gainesville, Joseph Miller of Sugar Hill, Macayla Mobley of Gainesville, Cesar Molina of Gainesville, Mason Montalvo of Hoschton, Faith Moore of Dawsonville, Kayla Moore of Gainesville, Lizette Morales of Alpharetta, Kelton Moss of Dawsonville, Indhumathi Nallu of Suwanee, Alyssa Namowicz of Cumming, Khue Nguyen of Dawsonville, Ideliz Nieves Hernandez of Gainesville, Richard Nolan of Villa Rica, Danielle Norris of Cumming, Elisabeth Overdorff of Gainesville, Yuliya Ovsepyan of Cumming, Haley Pedarre of Dawsonville, Ngoc Pham of Grayson, Amy Poe of Jefferson, Sergey Ponizhaylo of Braselton, Allison Prater of Cumming, Cynthia Pruett of Gainesville, Nadia Puente of Gainesville, Sydney Ramsey of Dawsonville, Dianne Rawlston of Dawsonville, Catherine Reed of Sugar Hill, James Reed of Winder, Gavin Reichman of Cumming, Jessica Reid Holgate of Dawsonville, Mason Reidling of Dawsonville, Jesus Reyes-Camacho of Gainesville, Christy Rice of Baldwin, Christy Rice of Baldwin, Laura Rice of Gainesville, Susana Rios of Gainesville, Melissa Rodriguez of Gainesville, Chase Roseland of Dacula, Blanca Ruiz Lopez of Gainesville, Brandi Ruland of Statham, Victoria Ryan of Cumming, Maha Safwan of Cumming, Jacob Sanders of Lula, Angel Santana of Suwanee, Dominic Scott of Gainesville, Amber Shipley of Bethlehem, Margaretha Shvets of Sugar Hill, Mason Sisk of Lula, Brandy Smith of Dacula, Mary Smith of Cornelia, Megan Smith of Woodstock, Roger Smith of Cumming, Jonathan Spitzner of Gainesville, Preston Stapleton of Flowery Branch, Matthew Stewart of Suwanee, Louise Stratton of Cumming, Donna Styles of Cumming, Ava Taggart of Buford, Maddison Tapp of Dahlonega, Lucian Tinsley of Cumming, William Tipton of Cleveland, Henrique Trevino of Alpharetta, Josh Tucker of Dawsonville, Chelsea Waddell of Dawsonville, Savannah Walser of Flowery Branch, Tayler Ward of Toccoa, Rachel Watkins of Clermont, Ashley Watson of Winder, Ryan Westmoreland of Murrayville, Curt Whitaker of Cleveland, Phoebe Whitaker of Buford, Benjamin Whitmire of Gainesville, Chelsea Williams of Cartersville, Kevin Wills of Cumming, Sophie Xiong of Dacula, Rachel Yarborough of Cumming, Joseph Yerdon of Jefferson, Ashlynn Zink of Cumming, Todd Zion of Ford City.

To be included on Lanier Technical College’s Honor Roll, a student must earn a 3.5 GPA in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College. Lanier Tech designated 203 students as meeting the academic achievements for inclusion in the Honor Roll.

Honor Roll designees for Fall Semester 2019 include:

Anish Alase of Alpharetta, Megan Allbritton of Cumming, Ruben Alvarado of Winder, Nimra Amjad of Canton, Mina Armijo of Newnan, Kelly Arroyo Garcia of Cumming, Emma Avery of Suwanee, Alvaro Balber Gutierrez of Winder, Danielle Bandke of Gainesville, Artemio Baten-Lopez of Oakwood, Ashleigh Batten of Dawsonville, John Baumann of Cumming, Karen Bautista Lopez of Cumming, Charlotte Belanger of Cumming, Yareli Beltran of Gainesville, Steven Bender of Cumming, Taryn Bennett of Hoschton, Laura Best of Buford, Jean Claude Biandji-Addat of Lawrenceville, Tiffany Blevins of Bogart, Samantha Boakye of Dawsonville, Zachary Brown of Braselton, Katherine Buffington of Lula, Anna Burke of Demorest, Elizabeth Burton of Suwanee, Cariann Busbee of Blairsville, Latonya Bush of Athens, Luis Calderon of Sugar Hill, Ximmenna Carcamo of Oakwood, Madison Carman of Buford, Emily Carroll of Lula, Catherine Cashier of Braselton, Evan Catron of Gainesville, Aaron Caudell of Clarkesville, Devin Chambers of Dawsonville, Jeremy Clemmer of Cumming, Heather Cochran of Murrayville, Megan Conway of Winder, Garrett Coudriet of Buford, Suliana Cruz of Gainesville, Laura D’Andrea of Alpharetta, Daryl Dasch of Alpharetta, Ravyn Davenport of Gainesville, Deicy De Luna of Gainesville, Deicy De Luna of Gainesville, Tyler Dennis of Loganville, Hannah Dolce of Dacula, Kenneth Dunaway of Auburn, Jessica Ebert of Cumming, Evelyn Escandon of Gainesville, Alma Figueroa of Gainesville, Cristian Figueroa of Buford, Sheila Flaveney of Loganville, Kristen Freeland of Cumming, Nathaniel Gandy of Cumming,
Angelo Geary of Lawrenceville, Hannah Gilliland of Buford, Hannah Gioiosa of Cleveland, Noemi Godinez of Oakwood, Ashton Greeson of Pendergrass, Alexia Griffin of Alpharetta, Caleb Grizzle of Gainesville, Brissa Gross of Gainesville, Taylorann Hailes of Auburn, Andrew Hall of Buford, Marcy Hardin of Dawsonville, Steven Harrington of Cumming, Latonya Harris of Gainesville, Ryan Hart of Suwanee, Samantha Hatch of Flowery Branch, Allen Haynes of Mount Airy, Lauryn Heitmeier of Cumming, Cameron Henderson of Cumming, Alton Henry of Marietta, Jada Henry of Buford, Anahi Hernandez of Gainesville, Shana Hesson of Buford, Amanda Holden of Clermont, Kimberly Hopkins-Franklin of Flowery Branch, Christopher Hott of Gainesville, Evan Howell of Cumming, Mical Hreniuc of Buford, Trisha Hunt of Winder, Gregory Izenour of Smyrna, Lindsay Jett of Dawsonville, William Johns of Buford, Jarrett Johnson of Buford, Twyla Johnson of Buford, Ashley Jordan of Tiger, Savannah Jordan of Lula, Melissa Jurin of Lawrenceville, Kimberley Keeve of Cumming, Julia Kelly of Gainesville, Kendraya Kelly of Winder, Zachary Kitchens of Gainesville, Jacalyn Knight of Winder, Jonathon Kubiak of Buford, Christopher Lambert of Alpharetta, Nelson Land of Ball Ground, Elizabeth Lara of Gainesville, Cloe Larned of Gainesville, Daniel Laycock of Alpharetta, Dawn Llanas of Clarkesville, Allie Lobo of Cumming, Maryluz Londono of Lawrenceville, Steven Loyd of Dawsonville, Isa Lu of Johns Creek, Heather Lynch of Duluth, Amie Lynn of Gainesville, Maurice Lyons of Acworth, John Austin Maddox of Hoschton, Bethany Mann of Flowery Branch, Alex Martin of Gainesville, Tequila Mattox of Gainesville, Amanda May of Buford, Melissa Mayger of Cumming, Lindsea Mcarthy of Gainesville, Danielle Mcclay of Jefferson, Jordan Mcclure of Cumming, Nigel Mcclure of Maysville, Jacob Mcneese of Cumming, Liliana Mercado of Gainesville, Braden Messer of Dacula, Brookelyn Miller of Suwanee, Caroline Miller of Gainesville, Sydney Miller of Cumming, Nicholas Minor of Cumming, Logan Mitchell of Cleveland, Zachary Mullinax of Braselton, Celina Munoz of Gainesville, William Neller of Gainesville, Jennifer Nichols of Demorest, Matthias Nickerson of Oakwood, Jacob Norton of Winder, Luis Ortiz of Gainesville, Sylvester Osasu of Gainesville, Jasmin Osorio of Gainesville, William Page of Pendergrass, Hiral Patel of Cumming, Mary Patterson of Gainesville, Paula Paul of Dawsonville, Wil Pence of Dahlonega, Morrina Phasadeuang of Bethlehem, Austin Phillips of Cumming, Madelene Pierce of Gainesville, Zachary Pierce of Winder, Alonso Pina Cardozo of Gainesville, Rebeca Portillo of Cumming, Natalie Powell of Cumming, Crashunda Prayer of Winder, Cherith Pruitt of Cleveland, Nataly Quinteros of Alpharetta, Jessica Radtke of Dacula, Megan Ray of Dahlonega, Alexis Raymond of Cumming, Vanessa Redford of Ball Ground, Arianna Reed of Gainesville, Maximillian Rhodes of Oakwood, Gabriel Robertson of Gainesville, Veronica Rondan of Gainesville, Jo Ann Salazar Olvera of Gainesville, Tambra Scales of Dahlonega, Tamara Scandrett of Jefferson, Lindsay Scott of Ball Ground, Monica Scott of Hoschton, Whitney Simmons of Toccoa, Joshua Simpson of Gillsville, Neal Singh of Cumming, William Slaton of Oakwood, Sydney Smalls of Hoschton, Kisten Speldrick of Gainesville, Kayla Spurlock of Gainesville, Dalton Starr of Burdick, Jared Stephens of Alpharetta, Duane Stratton of Cumming, Amanda Sullo of Hoschton, Adilene Tarango of Mount Airy, Logan Taylor of Winder, Ryan Taylor of Warner Robins, Brandy Teisier of Gainesville, Allie Thibodeau of Ball Ground, Tanner Thompson of Alto, Victoria Thompson of Flowery Branch, Paige Towe of Gainesville, Mitchell Tracchio of Cumming, Madison Tucker of Gainesville, Theresa Veal of Lawrenceville, Andrew Veatch of Gainesville, Collin Wallis of Cumming, Cassie Way of Lavonia, Daniel Whinery of Cumming, Mackenzie Wilder of Gainesville, Letomas Wilkins of Cumming, Andrew Will of Cumming, Florence Williams of Gainesville, Kayla Williams of Flowery Branch, Shannon Williams of Eastanollee, Cedric Willis of Buford, Samuel Wingo of Dahlonega, Felicitas Yanez of Gainesville, William Yates of Cumming, Brendon York of Flowery Branch, David Zaloga of Alpharetta.

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