March 9, 2021

The Office of Admissions is available to assist with:

  • Program of study selection
  • Acceptance into a program of study
  • Changing your program of study
  • College Placement Exams
  • Residency status questions

For assistance, contact the Office of Admissions representative in person at each campus location or online at

Readmission to the College

A student who leaves the college in good standing may apply for readmission as early as the next academic semester. This should be done through the Office of Admissions. Students who have been out of school for only one semester and desire readmission into the same program are not required to complete a readmission application. Students who are out of school for two consecutive semesters must re-apply to the college. A student who is currently enrolled and wishes to change from one program of study to another should complete a Change of Program Form.

Students who have been dismissed because of unsatisfactory academic progress may be readmitted after one semester of absence from the college.

A student suspended for disciplinary reasons may be considered for readmission at the end of the suspension by making an appeal through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Readmission to a program will be granted on a space-available basis within the appropriate course sequence. A student will be required to complete the curriculum requirements in place at the time of re-enrollment.