Simulation Center Request Form – External Program

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  • A two-week notice prior to the Simulation session for scheduling and planning is required.
  • There is a minimum of a two-hour session (2HRS) to utilize the center.
  • Session costs include scenario setup, tear down, supplies, mannequin maintenance, debriefing, AV recording, and instructor time.
  • Customization of a new scenario will incur an additional fee. If a customized scenario was created for an external group simulation then Lanier Technical College Center has the right to maintain the Master Copy of the customized scenario(s). The External Group will be provided with their own copy of the customized scenario(s).
Package # # of Scenarios Sessions (Hours) # of Participants Cost Customization
1 Up to 4 2 10 $400 Additional Fee
2 Up to 6 3 10 $600 Additional Fee
3 Up to 8 4 10 $800 Additional Fee

NOTE: Depending on the complexity of the simulation the number of scenarios can change to better fit the participants and the Center's availability.

Note: If Friday afternoon, Saturday, or Sunday is needed an additional fee will be charged.

Package #1

Choose up to 4 Simulations

Package #2

Options from package #1 plus up to 2 more Simulations

Package #3

Options from package #1 and #2 plus up to 2 more Simulations
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