Overview of the Health Sciences Clinical Simulation Center


Simulated clinical experiences for Lanier Tech students is a priority focus for our Center.  As such, individual and group tours must be scheduled and approved by the Simulations Operations Coordinator in advance.

To schedule a tour, the requesting party must contact the Simulation Operations Coordinator a minimum of one day prior to the tour.  Requests should be directed to the Simulation Operations Coordinator, Alisha Adams, via telephone at (770) 533-7043 or via e-mail at aadams@laniertech.edu.

Please include the following information in your tour request email:

    • Name of requesting person and/or agency
    • Desired date for your tour
    • Desired timeframe for your tour
    • Number of people in your tour
    • Special requests

Once your tour is approved by the Simulation Operations Coordinator, a notification will be sent to the requestor and the tour will be placed on the Simulation Center’s calendar.