Learner Feedback

Learner feedback is an important factor in optimizing learning outcomes and advancing the quality of the clinical simulation program.  At Lanier Technical College, learners are asked to complete the Simulation Effectiveness Tool – Modified (SET-M) upon the completion of each simulated clinical experience.  The SET-M is a 19-item survey with tree subscales that address pre-briefing (2 items), scenario (12 items related to learning and confidence) and debriefing (5 items).  The SET-M has been shown to be a valid and reliable method of evaluating students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of learning in the simulation environment (Leighton, et al., 2015).  The SET-M has been tested in nursing and medicine educational settings.

Example of SET-M survey tool:


More detailed information regarding the SET-M can be found by clicking this weblink:


Link to Lanier Technical College Simulation Satisfaction Survey:

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