Dual Enrollment Tuition & Fees Acknowledgement

Below are key highlights of the 2020 – 2021 Dual Enrollment Funding program. For further information, please visit https://gsfc.georgia.gov/regulations/regulations-2020-2021 or https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/scholarships-grants/dual-enrollment/frequently-asked-questions/

Once you have reviewed the full Dual Enrollment Funding Program 2020 – 2021 Regulations, complete the Dual Enrollment Guidelines Acknowledgment Form below.

Withdrawal and Retakes of a Dual Enrollment Course

  • Courses taken Summer term 2020 or later cannot be retaken and receive Dual Enrollment funding.
  • Students become ineligible to continue to receive Dual Enrollment funding for future terms after their 2nd course withdrawal.

Dual Enrollment Funding Cap

Dual Enrollment Course Directory

  • Dual Enrollment courses include core academic areas (English, math, science, social studies and world/foreign Languages) used in the high school HOPE Scholarship calculation as well as Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses aligned with the GaDOE Career Clusters and Pathways.

The Course Directory lists all eligible courses. More information is available on the GAfutures Dual Enrollment Course Directory page. https://www.gafutures.org/checs/dualenrollment/DECourseDirectory

Joint Enrolled or Self – Pay

  • As a joint enrolled or self – paying student, you are responsible for all tuition, mandatory fees, and book costs that are not covered by the Dual Enrollment funding program. The Dual Enrollment Acknowledgement form is to ensure all involved parties have read and understand the out-of-pocket payment responsibilities of enrolling at Lanier Technical College.

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