Frequently Asked Questions - GED®

There is no charge for the classes we offer or the testing assessments we do. They are provided free of charge by the State of Georgia and the Department of Technical and Adult Education as well as through local donations. The only charge involved in getting your GED® is the cost of taking the actual GED® test. That is a fee of $160. However, many Adult Education Centers offer scholarships so that part or all of the $160 fee is paid for you. Contact your local area Adult Education Center to learn more about classes and assessments.
An orientation is strongly recommended before registration for the GED® Test. This orientation includes items such as taking the diagnostic assessment test, watching a video about the use of the calculator on the GED® Test, and writing a brief essay on why you want a GED®.
The answer to this question depends on several variables:
a. On what level you begin
b. How much time you spend studying
c. At what speed you learn
The GED® Test is acknowledged across the nation. It is best to check with the college of your choice to determine its entrance requirements so that you can meet the necessary prerequisites.
Yes, this happens quite frequently. Your instructor will assist you with needed information to make such decisions.
Lanier Technical College does not provide day care for students, but each of the centers has a list of community resources that would probably meet your needs. Possibly a church in the area, the Head Start program, the Ninth District Opportunity, or others might be beneficial. Daycare is provided at some off-site locations. Please contact the center nearest you regarding what is available in your area.
Lanier Technical College strongly recommends an assessment be taken prior to registration for the GED® Test. The TABE assessment test pinpoints a potential and current student's academic strengths and weaknesses. It assists the teacher in making recommendations about a course of study with the idea of saving the student's time and money.
No, you only take the parts you fail. There is a $40.00 fee for each test that you retake.
Online classes are available at Lanier Technical College for Adult Education in combination with attending classes. These classes are called hybrid classes.
The amount of materials available for check out varies from center to center. Please check with the instructor for availability. Generally, there are limited supplies for taking home. You may ask your instructor for the titles of items that may be purchased from local stores. All centers are able to provide online instruction from any computer connected to the Internet.
All centers at Lanier Technical College strongly recommend a registration or orientation to the Adult Education Program. It is best to call ahead and make an appointment. In the busier centers, pre-arranged appointments are crucial.
In most cases, scores will be available in 24 - 48 hours. All scores can be seen on your account on Your official scores and your Diploma will arrive by mail in about 4 to 5 weeks.
You will need an official government issued picture ID, such as drivers' license, state ID card, or passport to register for the GED® test.
The TABE is a diagnostic tool that is administered much as a physician administers a physical exam - to have a picture of a person's needs and strengths and to measure a person's progress. The TABE is given when a student enters the program so that the instructor may know what needs the student has. The survey form of the TABE is given quarterly to measure the student's progress. If the student has been absent from the program for more than six months, the full TABE should be re-administered.
The term underage-youth refers to a student who is 16 or 17 years of age. State permission is required to allow these students to test for the GED®.
The following forms are required for all 16- and 17-year-olds in order to register for the GED® Test:
  • Parental permission
  • Letter of Withdrawal (This form must contain original signatures and a raised school seal.) It is advised that signatures be in blue ink.
  • A copy of the student’s state or federal identification (i.e., driver’s license, passport, or pedestrian ID)
Yes. You can obtain a form from the county board of education stating you are not enrolled in a school in the county. This form must have an original signature and an official raised seal.
The GED® test is available on computer at approved GED® testing centers. Go to to register and select the location where you'd like to test.
There is no easy way to get high school or GED® credentials. The High School Graduation Test and the GED® Test are difficult examinations. It is possible to finish the learning objectives for secondary school earlier by intensive preparation for the GED® Test even though this option is not for everyone.
The student would need to complete a form which is supplied by the Adult Education instructor and that has original signatures by the instructor and program director. The student submits this form to the Department of Driver Services (formerly Department of Motor and Vehicle Safety) as stated on the form.
The instructor will work with each student to determine an attendance and performance contract to which the student signs, agreeing on the expected days and hours of attendance as well as other requirements for being in the program. The student must meet the prerequisite requirement of attending 5 classes and not being absent more than 10 consecutive days for unexcused absences as well as achieving a level completion.
It is important to note that the GED® Test is not offered online anywhere in the nation. The GED® Test must be taken at a nationally approved testing center. Any other test is not legitimate.

Our college does offer hybrid courses. In these courses students work in combination with an instructor in a center as well as at home. Lanier Technical College offers students in hybrid courses a web site and a password to access an extensive database of lessons which are self-paced. Please call a center for more specific information regarding our hybrid courses.
There are many groups out in the community that claim to offer Adult Education classes. There are two major rules of thumb regarding the legitimacy of these sites: the organization offering the program and the cost of the program. Organizations that are part of a technical college or school system are legitimate. There are a few other exceptions, but those exclusions are not found in the Lanier Technical college area. The other most important fact is whether the classes cost money. Classes should be free.

The money to run classes at Lanier Technical College comes from state and federal money and from private non-profit groups. It is a waste of resources to pay money for Adult Education classes. Paying money does not make the classes any more effective. No one has been in the Adult Education business longer or more successfully than Adult Education programs served by technical colleges and public school systems. No one has more dedicated or successful instructors than those serving our college. The best part is that Lanier Technical College's classes are absolutely free.
Lanier Technical College's Adult Education program simply could not operate without the assistance of community volunteers. There are numerous ways to participate in our program: serving on local advisory boards, teaching classes, and/or working individually with students. To learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area, please contact your local center or call the main office for Adult Education at 770-531-3356.
Yes, we have transition counselors available to help you with the process of entering postsecondary education.

In fact you don’t have to wait until you receive your GED®. You can take college courses at Lanier Technical College while completing your GED® through the Accelerating Opportunities (AO) dual enrollment program. For more information and eligibility requirements, view details about our program listed under the Adult Education section of our website.